Pickers Club Rules and Guidelines

Welcome! As a private pickers club please bear in mind the following rules still apply.  We are trying to make picking blueberries fun and safe. To make sure everyone has a great time, please read and adhere to the following:

You are picking at your own risk, please be careful and considerate of others.

There will be NO PUBLIC bathroom facilities available!

Children MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

All guests must stay in the public areas; the barn, the blueberry field, and the designated path between them.

Please do not litter.

Please do not smoke.

There will be NO PUBLIC bathroom facilities available Monday through Friday.

Sunscreen and a hat are recommended.

Please do not bring your dogs or other pets.  We love our animals, but there are other people picking who may not welcome them and everyone’s safety and comfort are our main concerns.

Use common sense.  If you are unable to comfortably and safely walk to and from the blueberry field, which is on a hill, you may purchase pre-picked berries instead.

Thank you